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Vtech Storio Max 2.0 Pink - French
Vtech Storio Max 2.0 Pink - French
Vtech Storio Max 2.0 Pink - French

Vtech Storio Max 2.0 Pink - French

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A high-performance tablet, specially designed for children from 3 to 11 years old!
Storio MAX 2.0 is a multimedia tablet offering educational and fun Android applications carefully selected by VTech education experts.
A very wide choice of games, stories, cartoons, films and music supports your child in his learning and development.
- Camera: rotating camera and more than 60 special effects or funny effects to apply on your photos!
- Cine Star: lights, engine, action! Make great edits with this stop-motion animation app.
- Reader: discover great stories thanks to interactive ebooks and their mini-dictionary.
- Videos: watch your favorite cartoons or movies with the Videos app.
- Game "My magic beans": plant and grow magic beans to make discoveries and earn rewards!
- Game "SamSam Mission cosmic hero": play with your favorite hero in various games of skill, speed, memory, logic and much more!
- Game "Little secret agent": run through 15 levels in a great adventure during which you will have to use your mathematical knowledge!
- "Discover the alphabet on the ABC construction site” game: discover upper and lower case letters with the Tut Tut Bolides!

- Lots of practical applications to do like the grown-ups: calendar, calculator, stopwatch, notepad…
- The "My wishes" application which allows children to discover Explor @ Park and send their parents the applications they would like to have on their tablet.
- A photo album, a drawing studio, an MP3 player, a camcorder…
Communicate in real time with your friends and family with Kid Connect from VTech
With your Storio MAX 2.0, you can send voice or text messages, photos, drawings or emoticons to your parents 'or grandparents' smartphone (Android or iPhone) and they can reply to you.
It's easy even if you can't read, and completely secure.
Secure internet browser:
Free access to a set of sites suitable for children aged 3 to 11, rigorously pre-selected by our experts for their fun and educational qualities.
Possibility for parents to add new sites of their choice to this pre-selection.
Possibility to configure the hours and days authorized for access to the browser in the Parental controls of the tablet.