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Vtech Maxiloco Mon Trotti Train 7 En 1 (Vtfr)  S22
Vtech Maxiloco Mon Trotti Train 7 En 1 (Vtfr)  S22

Vtech Maxiloco Mon Trotti Train 7 En 1 (Vtfr) S22

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Detailed features of the carrier-trotter train:

  • Block recognition:  Baby inserts a block to discover the letter and the associated object.
  • Magic slide:  he learns to count when he slides a block inside the slide.
  • 10 luminous buttons  to discover the numbers, the colors and the different destinations of the train.
  • Pilot controls:  Baby presses the horn, turns the dial or moves the lever to imitate the train driver.
  • Detachable activity board  for play and fun anywhere.
  • Nose gear:  the child turns the gear to move the eyes of the locomotive.
  • Interactive travel book  to discover new landscapes in music.
  • Construction game:  Baby flips the seat of the cart to create a cascade of blocks or use the base of the cart to stack the blocks and create constructions.

Included in this baby walker:

  • 7 ways to play: floor play / walker / detachable activity board / ride-on / building set / slide / pull cart
  • + 15 activities to develop fine and gross motor skills
  • + 270 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Learning: letters, numbers, animals, colors, imitation game, daily life
  • Adjusting the sound volume 
  • Automatic shut-off to preserve battery life.