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Vtech Lea Decouvre Le Pot

Vtech Lea Decouvre Le Pot

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Take care of Léa like a real baby!Léa speaks, sings and, just like a baby, she claims to eat when she is hungry! If she is thirsty, you must also give her the bottle she really drinks! Wow, it's really great! After having drunk or eaten, she is in her diaper and must be changed. You can also cuddle her, she loves it!

Product composition :

- A doll

- 7 accessories included: a baby bottle, two layers, 3 pieces of fruit and a pot.

Strong points :

- Two game modes: just move the cursor so that Léa addresses his Mom or his Dad
- The more we play with her, the more she progresses in her training in cleanliness and warns when she has to go to the bathroom. Then you have to put it on the pot for it to do its needs
- A light button allows to trigger sentences and songs while a button Care promotes learning of the daily needs of the doll
- 8 songs
- Automatic shutdown
- Works with 3 LR03 batteries supplied