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Vtech Digiart Magi Art Spiro Animo

Vtech Digiart Magi Art Spiro Animo

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With Magi spiro animo draws, learns and creates: discover anecdotes about each animal while you create pretty spirals with animal stencils! 

Your child places a blank sheet in the middle of the support to start his creations, He chooses an animal frame that is recognized and triggers funny sounds. 

Your child uses the felt provided to draw the animal and then inserts it into one of the toothed gears for unique results! 

He can also give free rein to his creations by using the notched frame to make spiral drawings.

  • A light button allows you to hear the animal speak to give life to the drawing.
  • 2 game modes: Discoveries and Music.
  • Included: 4 animal frames, 1 felt and 5 toothed gears.
  • 2 LR6 / AA batteries supplied
  • Ages 4+