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Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder Al

Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder Al

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Introducing whole foods to your baby is part of their weaning adventure, bringing new taste and texture experiences.

This innovative Fresh Food Feeder helps you introduce new foods at snack time without the fear of your baby choking. Simply place things like apple, pear and banana in the soft mesh bags and let your little one chomp away.

If your baby is teething, adding ice cubes can also help give them some relief from sore gums or cool them down on a hot day.

The interchangeable bags and hygienic travel lid give you handy storage for snacks on the go too.

Little gums and mouths can be painful as teeth start to develop, so having something cold and refreshing can help to soothe the sensation. Pop some ice cubes in the Fresh Food Feeder to create a instant pain relieving teether.

The Fresh Food Feeder comes with a snap on hygienic cap which makes it perfect for storing small snacks while travelling and giving your little one something to chew on when you’re out and about.

BPA Free