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Vtech Switch Go Dinos R Braxor
Vtech Switch Go Dinos R Braxor

Vtech Switch Go Dinos R Braxor

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An interactive megosaurus that turns into a remote controlled buggy. This interactive buggy transforms into a fabulous Stegosaurus from the Switch & Go Dino! Discover Braxor, the Mega Stegosaurus an easily convertible vehicle/dinosaur: in no time at all, this impressive dinosaur transforms into a buggy.

Braxor is remotely controlled: press the direction button front/backward of the remote control to move Braxor the Mega Switch & Go Dino forward or backward. If the dinosaur toy for children is not aligned, adjust the direction of the wheels under the toy near the front wheels.

Switch & Go Dino Dinosaur Toy for Kids features two modes: Vehicle Mode and Dino Mode Each mode is automatically triggered when the conversion takes place. With dinosaur mode, plays and learns many things on Stegosaurus and watch it responds. With the buggy mode (vehicle) the sound of the buggy engine plays and hears fun phrases.

To switch from dinosaur mode to buggy mode with the dinosaur toy, several steps are to be expected: lower the tail of the dinosaur and the 2 front wheels with one hand with the other hand pull the headlights on the dinosaur body and pull the entire dinosaur back until the head sits firmly in the vehicle body and lift the claws.

Many buttons with different functions are available on the Steegosaurus Switch & Go Dino: voice control, music button, sound effects, volume button, slide button, forward / reverse direction button and another left/right button.