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Qplay Mika Scooter Green (246438)  S22
Qplay Mika Scooter Green (246438)  S22

Qplay Mika Scooter Green (246438) S22

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QPlay Mika Scooter with a wide comfortable platform. It has a sleek design and fun lighting features, a product perfect for outdoor adventure.

This balance scooter uses 3 lighting modes for the platform. Gray is the trendiest colour, so the entire scooter is kept in this tone, making the lights built into the platform make the scooter stand out. This 3-wheeled scooter helps and teaches kids to find their balance.

QPlay Mika Scooter is great for both at home and on trips – it takes up little space. Lightweight and solid construction guarantee safety and comfort of use. The undoubted advantage is adjustable handlebars to grow with your child.

The scooter exercises motor skills, strength and leg muscles, and takes care of coordination. This will help your child develop properly and quickly. However, its most important advantage is the fun it provides to children.