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Qplay EASY 4 in 1 Stroller grey (246131)  S22
Qplay EASY 4 in 1 Stroller grey (246131)  S22

Qplay EASY 4 in 1 Stroller grey (246131) S22

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QPlay Prime is a 4-in-1 evolving tricycle making it the most complete evolving tricycle in our collection and making it the trike that will best adapt to the different stages of your little one as they grow and evolve together!

When your baby starts using it at 10 months, they can be placed facing you in a reclined position making it very comfortable and allowing you to control everything. If you prefer, you can also face the baby in the direction of travel.  You can push the trike easily and comfortably using the telescopic push bar. At 18 months old, the child can help you by using the handlebar and pedaling at their own pace whilst you continue to push using the push bar. As they increase in their independence you can remove the canopy and let your child pedal with more freedom. Finally, when your Prime becomes a traditional trike your little one will have the perfect companion for their own adventures.

To make the journeys comfortable and safe, the Prime evolving tricycle has a 5-point seat belt, removable safety bar, braking system, tipper with closable bag, removable footrest, anti-slip pedals and EVA rubber pedals to ensure silent pedaling.