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Tommee Tippee 1x 360 Handled Cup Uk

Tommee Tippee 1x 360 Handled Cup Uk

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The splash-proof cup designed for toddlers. Help toddlers learn to drink and drink and drink and drink without making a mess. Works like any open cup, but stops spills.

With the smart, splash-proof activated lip valve, little ones can drink anywhere around the rim. Tested against the world's best sellers, it's the easiest 360° cup to use.

Help them develop their watering skills without spills or deep cleaning.

200ml capacity with handles
Easiest 360° cup to use
No spills - no mess
Drink from anywhere on the rim
Easy to clean one-piece valve, no complex parts to install
No spout design supports oral and big kids' drinking skills
Convenient travel cap keeps things clean and dry on the go