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RelaxSan Support Bra with Wide Shoulder Straps - Cotton

RelaxSan Support Bra with Wide Shoulder Straps - Cotton

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The control capacity of this bra which supports and shapes, is provided by an elasticated band that sits under the breasts and runs through the length of the bust.

The band is joined with wide straps to better support the growing weight of the breasts and not pinch the shoulders. The armpits are left free, in order to avoid irritation to the glandular system and the formation of cellulite deposits.

The cups are made of pure jersey cotton, their primary function being that of shaping, covering and supporting, without compressing the milk glands. The jersey cotton guarantees breathability and oxygenation, as well as establishing soft contact with the skin. Its practicality is maximised by the absence of hooks and stitching, which also makes it invisible under clothing.