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RelaxSan Smart Nursing Bra - Milk

RelaxSan Smart Nursing Bra - Milk

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Relax Maternity completes its range with a new concept in nursing bras, very low-cut, high control, high elasticity and very simple in performing its function.
The control structure is that of the band under the breasts, running through the length of the bust and joined to the shoulder straps.

This form of control does not create any problems for the mammary or axiliary lymph glands. The cotton fabric, which covers the breasts, is particularly flexible in both directions; therefore, facilitated by generous neckline, it is possible to extract the breast by moving the fabric toward the outside, with a simple movement of the hand.

The elasticated fabric, thickened on the outside
of the breast, helps support the breast during feeding. When finished, the breast is covered again and the fabric takes on its role in supporting and shaping the breast.
The fabric is rich in cotton, therefore it is soft, anallergic, and able to absorb any milk secretions.
The absence of seams in this nursing bra is functional, as it eliminates any risk of friction to the mammary glands, which tend to be swollen and sensitive.

The innovation of this Milk nursing bra is that the fabric is made of a bio-fiber derived from milk. From the milk the amino acids are retained which, when in contact with the breasts, nourish and moisturize them, leaving them soft and smooth, and reducing the risk of imperfections such as striations and cracked nipples. The Milk bio-fibre also acts as a natural bacteriostatic, helping to protect the nipples from the infections to which they are exposed.