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Maxi-Cosi Coral Essential Graphite
Maxi-Cosi Coral Essential Graphite
Maxi-Cosi Coral Essential Graphite
Maxi-Cosi Coral Essential Graphite
Maxi-Cosi Coral Essential Graphite

Maxi-Cosi Coral Essential Graphite

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The Maxi Cosi Coral is the first modular baby car seat and consists of a fixed shell, the Safety Shell, and the light removable carrier, the Soft Carrier. This innovative design offers a fantastic double function and makes it easier for parents to be close to their tiny human at all times.

Group/ weight category:

Suitable for babies from 40 to 75 cm

Age suitability: from birth up to a weight of approx. 12kg

Conforms to standard:

i-Size (R129)

Installing the Coral in your car has never been easier. Place the Coral on the Maxi Cosi base FamilyFix3 (not included in delivery) and the journey can begin with one click. Alternatively, the Coral can be attached by using your car's own belt.

The removable Soft Carrier is innovative and absolutely practical. With a weight of only 1.7kg, it features an ultra-light weight. With this carrier, you can easily carry your little sunshine with you. The Safety Shell remains in the car while you carry your baby in the ergonomic Soft Carrier with only one hand. Mobility in every situation – simple and convenient! The soft fabrics and materials used will make your baby feel safe wherever you go.

The protective outer shell, Safety Shell, ensures the necessary safety when travelling by car. The correct installation of the carrying case is confirmed by acoustic and visual indicators. The Coral conforms to the i-Size regulation and gives you the assurance of being safe on the road at all times. Equipped with the extra-large sun canopy, your baby is protected from the sun or provided with a little retreat to nap and rest without being disturbed.

Young parents love the flexibility and ease of use. The innovative split function of the fixed shell and the lightweight carrying shell contributes to a better mobility and closer proximity to your child. To provide your little one with ultimate closeness, the carrying shell, Soft Carrier, that features pull-out handles, can be carried in different positions.

Convince yourself of this innovative baby car seat by Maxi Cosi. We are already absolutely excited about the modular function that makes everyday life with your baby easier and turns every trip with your little one into an ultimate adventure." "First modular infant car seat

Installation in the car via Maxi Cosi base FamilyFix3 (not included in delivery) or with the car's own belt

Removable, ultra-light carrier (Soft Carrier) 1.7kg

Various ergonomic carrying positions

Removable insert Baby Hugg

Easy-in-and-out harness

XL sun canopy

Side impact protection according to the i-Size regulation

Approved for being used on an airplane (always check with the airline first!)"