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Chicco Mr Puppy

Chicco Mr Puppy

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The cute toy dog Mr Puppy from Chiccoƒ??s Baby Senses Collection accompanies your little one while he is discovering his first skills. The dogƒ??s adorable big wide brown eyes enchant your little one™ÿat the age of three months and up.

Its soft body as well as the numerous play elements encourage your child to grasp, feel and explore. The toy dogƒ??s legs feature™ÿtwo ring-shaped rattles™ÿas well as a soft plastic part which accompanies your little one through the™ÿteething period. A little mirror on the collar features great light effects while its soft™ÿcrackling ears™ÿwill make your little one beam.

This adorable clutching toy can be attached easily to the pram ƒ?? that way, it is always easy to reach for your little one.

In order to make sure that your little one can be with his new explorer toy for a long time, you can machine wash it if necessary.


  • Cute toy dog made of soft material
  • Stimulates babyƒ??s sense of touch and sense of sight
  • Including crackling ears, 2 ring-shaped rattles, mirror
  • Machine washable
  • Age recommendation: 3 to 24 months