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Barbie Dl/pet (Blnde)
Barbie Dl/pet (Blnde)

Barbie Dl/pet (Blnde)

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  • Send animal lovers wild with a gift set featuring Barbie doll with 2 pets -- a tan puppy and a gray bunny -- and lots of accessories for pet play.
  • The 2 animals inspire love with sweet expressions and playful poses that will make you want to take them home.
  • A bunch of carrots, a bone and 2 feeding bowls -- 1 pink and 1 blue -- provide all the ingredients for mealtime.
  • Role-play a tug-of-war with the rope toy and grooming with the brush to play out the special bond Barbie doll shares with her pets.
  • Barbie doll shows her love for animals wearing a gray tank with paw print love graphic, a blue and white striped skirt, white shoes and a pink headband with bow.
  • Kids will love expressing their own love for animals with this Barbie playset that lets them explore how you can be anything with Barbie!

Contents: 1 Barbie doll, Dog, Bunny, 2 colorful bowls, carrots, bone, brush, rope toy, Basket.