Delivering to moms, all over Lebanon

About us

Once upon a time, a fellow mother needed something urgently for her daughter, but couldn’t find the time to pick it up. She also didn’t know what the ‘best’ product was. So she panicked, then asked around…

From this starting point, we came up with Momitall – founded by two mothers and two friends that came together to support busy mothers and create a referral community, for the little ones to get the very best.


What we do:

  • Source the very best of items that mothers and babies need, placing them on a simple platform that is easy to navigate.
  • Create a community of referrals, to provide the highest rated and recommended products.
  • Support mothers in their busy lives to get them what they need, on time.
  • Provide friends and family with a one stop shop for gifts and gift ideas.
  • Give local vendors the chance to showcase their products to a wider community.

The Team


Ceem Haidar runs a communication company (The Commery), volunteers for Embrace the NGO, reads a lot and socializes in her free time. She also paints and writes, but only when she is inspired. 

What Momitall means to her: She wants to give back to mothers who feel they aren’t doing enough or feel guilty. Because they are, they just need a little help sometimes. 









Dalia Ghawi runs a communication company (The Commery), a house, a marriage and raises a beautiful baby girl. She also works as part-time driver for her family (Do we hear ‘Mom It all?’).  

What Momitall means to her: Finding the time to run errands. Providing herself and her child with the best choices, is a difficult task to achieve throughout her day. 




Yusr Sabra is dedicated to building happy and productive teams, via her various entrepreneurial ventures such as Wakilni and Tiqany.  

What Momitall means to her: She wants to help empower women.




















Dana Hamra is an engineer, a project manager, HR, accountant, problem solver, and a business partner from 8 to 5. She is also a mother and a wife.

What Momitall means to her: She totally understands other mothers who barely have time to run their baby errands, buy their essentials on time, and who are in a desperate need for advice on what to buy and what not to buy.