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Shopping gone wrong with toddlers

Toddlers are little explorers and always excited about new things. They want to touch, feel, laugh, scream and play all at once. To avoid any public tantrums when going shopping with toddlers, you need to prepare them before you leave the house and explain that they will be rewarded if they are on their best behavior. Do not bribe them, but rather motivate them before you are actually faced with the situation.

- Write down a list of items you need to purchase, as you would have your hands full by the time you arrive to the store.

- Time your shopping trip to be in line with your child’s nap and mealtime. Trust us, you do not want to go out with a sleepy or hungry child... we learned the hard way.

- As usual, always snack up and be ready to supply a “hangry” child with the right tools

- If you can contain the toddler in a stroller, this would be ideal

- Avoid “controversial” aisles and spots, based on your knowledge of your child

- If you are faced with a toddler throwing himself/herself on the ground, always remember that you are not alone. We have all been through this and it’ll pass. Do not worry about those who are judging you. They either don’t have kids, or forgot what it’s like to deal with toddlers.

Or... you can just go to your mobile device or tablet and have a safe shopping experience online with the least number of casualties possible. Happy shopping!

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