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Equal Attention to All Your Kids

I'm a working mom, so usually I am used to planning everything ahead. That way, when I'm at work, I know everything and every step of their day. When I come back home, my time is entirely dedicated to them.

With the lockdown in place, everything changed. I stopped working, my kids lost their routine, I felt that I wasn't able to plan anything! Of course, with time it became easier, or should I say we got used to it.

But what I found the most difficult, was trying to give equal attention to all my kids.

My girls are 7 and 5, so they are used to playing together and sharing same activities. My son is almost 2 years. So his type of attention and play is very different than my daughters.

Before the lockdown, I could plan my time with each one of them because their days were planned between school, homework, and activities. So, I was able to divide my time for them 3. But now it is different. The 3 of them are all the time together. So, I had to try to find a way to give attention to all 3, equally. I started dividing my time between homeschooling my 2 girls during my son’s nap time; creating games that would work for the 3 of them, and each one of them his own screen time. That way I could give my one to one attention to each as well.

It's not easy, I'm still trying to figure it out, but hey at least we are safe at home.

Many kisses to all moms who are doing an awesome job!

Janis Sarraf

Photographer, and surely a Mom it All.

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